Building Inspection Infrared and Thermography Services

Infrared and Thermography for Commercial and Residential

Infrared and Thermography

The Fremont Safety team is trained in the use of infrared imaging to detect differences in temperature within your building.  This technology offers real-time, noninvasive, non-destructive assessment for moisture intrusion, plumbing leaks, insulation deficiencies, electrical fire hazards, and other potential risks to your structure.  This information can guide further testing or evaluation of building systems, and all findings are detailed in a customized report, which includes infrared images and recommendations.

Our licensed and certified inspection team provides reports that comply with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. We use only certified laboratories for analysis and testing to make sure that your results are accurate and reliable. All of our services include detailed reports with comprehensive inspection findings and user-friendly formatting.