Commercial Property Inspection Preliminary Walkthrough

Inspection Preliminary Walkthrough

  • 🏒 Preliminary walkthrough for commercial property inspection is a valuable tool.
  • πŸ•’ Typically takes a few minutes to assess the building both inside and outside.
  • πŸ‘‹ Introduce yourself to the client and set the stage for the inspection.
  • 🏠 Inside, quickly assess ceilings, windows, structure, and key areas like HVAC, attic, and basement.
  • πŸ’§ Look for signs of water damage and structural issues during the walkthrough.
  • πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Exterior walkthrough helps identify major issues, drainage, and safety hazards.
  • πŸ—οΈ Make a mental plan for the inspection process based on your preliminary findings.
  • πŸ” Observe gas meters, electrical systems, and exterior features during the walkthrough.
  • 🌳 Pay attention to landscaping, labeling, and potential obstacles on the property.
  • πŸ• A quick exterior walkthrough should take about 4-5 minutes for a typical building.
  • πŸ› οΈ The preliminary walkthrough is not a substitute for a formal inspection but aids in planning the inspection process effectively.