Commercial Property Inspection Preliminary Walkthrough

Inspection Preliminary Walkthrough

  • 🏒 Preliminary walkthrough for commercial property inspection is a valuable tool.
  • πŸ•’ Typically takes a few minutes to assess the building both inside and outside.
  • πŸ‘‹ Introduce yourself to the client and set the stage for the inspection.
  • 🏠 Inside, quickly assess ceilings, windows, structure, and key areas like HVAC, attic, and basement.
  • πŸ’§ Look for signs of water damage and structural issues during the walkthrough.
  • πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Exterior walkthrough helps identify major issues, drainage, and safety hazards.
  • πŸ—οΈ Make a mental plan for the inspection process based on your preliminary findings.
  • πŸ” Observe gas meters, electrical systems, and exterior features during the walkthrough.
  • 🌳 Pay attention to landscaping, labeling, and potential obstacles on the property.
  • πŸ• A quick exterior walkthrough should take about 4-5 minutes for a typical building.
  • πŸ› οΈ The preliminary walkthrough is not a substitute for a formal inspection but aids in planning the inspection process effectively.
Air Quality Asbestos Services

Asbestos Consulting and Testing – Commercial and Residential

Asbestos Texture photo by Ambilimon Annamala Poosari on Unsplash

Asbestos Consulting and Testing

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring compound that was widely used in construction settings prior to 1989.  Asbestos is now known to cause lung cancer and mesothelioma, and is therefore heavily regulated and used much less often.  It is frequently found in older buildings, most commonly in-wall systems, flooring, insulation, plumbing, HVAC systems, roofing, and exterior coverings.  If it is possible that your building contains asbestos, or if you are planning a renovation or demolition, an asbestos inspection can help you identify potential health and financial risks.  If asbestos is identified, there are specific management techniques that our inspection team can advise upon.  These techniques are intended to protect individuals, and to avoid future fines and litigation.  If you need to pursue abatement services for asbestos in your building, Fremont Safety can also provide post-abatement clearance testing to ensure project completion.

Our licensed and certified inspection team provides reports that comply with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. We use only certified laboratories for analysis and testing to make sure that your results are accurate and reliable. All of our services include detailed reports with comprehensive inspection findings and user-friendly formatting.